Essentials of Entrepreneurship Certificate

The Essentials of Entrepreneurship Certificate covers the essentials of starting or buying, marketing, operating, growing, and selling a business. Learn proven tools and techniques that have enabled some of Houston’s most important entrepreneurs to build business after business with success.

The four courses necessary to achieve this certificate are taught by seasoned and practicing entrepreneurs to give you the practical experience you need to be successful in entrepreneurship.

Recipients of this certificate are prepared with strategy and tactical tools to tame the journey of entrepreneurship. This series of courses are founded and taught by practicing and seasoned entrepreneurs with a passion to impart the valuable lessons only learned from experience. Leveraging guest speakers, in-class exercises and Harvard Business Review case studies to teach through practical experience has proven to be the most effective way of preparing someone to start and run a business.

Earning this certificate represents a standard of knowledge useful when seeking financing, joining business partnerships, and requesting intrapreneurship opportunities within a corporation. Beyond the tangible materials, you leave the program with, you have a network of fellow entrepreneurs that help support and guide you through your journey.

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Taking these courses will drastically improve your ability to effectively start and run your own business. This certificate applies to all industries as the entrepreneurial mindset is a valuable tool when you are breaking out on your own, taking over the family business, or working within a business.

The curriculum currently contains four courses covering all the essentials building blocks of being a successful entrepreneur.

There are no upcoming information sessions at this time. Please contact with your questions.