Oceanways of the British Empire

This course dives into the origins, growth and resulting implications of history's largest imperial power, the Victorian British Empire.

Never in the history of imperial expansion has there ever been anything that compared to the British Empire at its height in the days of Queen Victoria.  In size the Empire was supreme, ruling the largest area and the largest number of people.  The circumstances surrounding its acquisition were haphazard; its motives and benefits mixed.  The residual effects of the Empire upon the modern world are incalculable.  This course will examine these aspects of the Victorian Empire and compare them with imperial activities of the present day.


Section Instructor Format Schedule start date
MLSC 616 Newell Boyd On-campus 6:15 – 9:30 p.m. Monday, September 10, 2018

Instructor: Newell Boyd

Newell Boyd, Ph.D., is a semi-retired professor of history whose primary teaching field is Victorian Britain and the British Empire. He is also an instructor for the Master of Liberal Studies program at Rice University and has been published in a variety of books and scholarly journals in the field of British history. He has published two historical novels on the lives of Joseph Chamberlain and John Ruskin. Dr. Boyd holds a doctorate in history from Texas Tech University and has done post-doctoral research at the University of London, Birmingham University, the London School of Economics, Oxford University, the University of Manchester and the University of Edinburgh. He has been a fellow at the Institute of Historical Research at the University of London and is a member of England’s Society of Authors and the Royal Historical Society.

Term: Fall 2018

Start Date: Sept. 10, 2018

End Date: Nov. 19, 2018

Schedule: 6:15 – 9:30 p.m.

Length: Mondays

Location: Rice campus

Note: This course is part of the Graduate Liberal Studies program. For more information on how to apply, click ADMISSIONS below.

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