Social Sciences

Are you a student of human nature, curious about why people think, feel and act the way that they do? Do you seek to better understand yourself, others and diverse global cultures? Social scientists from across disciplines join forces to shed light on the human psyche and society.


Social Sciences Lecture & Discussion Courses

We offer a diverse array of social sciences courses, including a number of new classes each semester. Subjects featured vary by term and may include such fields as anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, sociology, urban planning and more. Explore age-old questions and the latest scientific insights on human nature, culture and society.

Personal Finance Courses

Increase your financial savvy with the guidance of highly experienced financial educators and advisors. Deepen your understanding of investing, the stock market, income tax, retirement planning, estate planning and more. Stay abreast of changing laws and political and economic developments to maximize your financial health.


Interested in exploring our diverse course offerings? Consider our Midweek Medley sampler series class.