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Science, Technology & Health

Houston is an international leader in advancing science, technology and health, home to outstanding universities, the largest medical center in the world and the headquarters of the aerospace industry. Our courses convene experts from across fields and institutions to share the latest research-based insights. From astronomy to robotics and from medicine to mindfulness, learn how discoveries in science, technology and health affect you, our society and the world at large.


Fall 2020 Courses

Astrobiology and the Quest for Life in the Universe

Explore the emerging field of astrobiology, harnessing contemporary science to address age-old questions about whether and where life might exist on other planets.

The Nature and Geology of U.S. National Parks

Geologist Cin-Ty Lee leads an exciting virtual tour of seven great U.S. national parks: Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Glacier, Rocky Mountain, Hawaiʻi Volcanoes, Yellowstone and Big Bend.

The Nutrition Prescription: Disease Prevention and Management

Learn about key nutritional strategies for the prevention and management of the most common diseases afflicting Americans.

Technology, Culture and Society in the Age of COVID-19

Rice University faculty and other experts explore the power of technology harnessed for social good in the age of COVID-19, from disease modeling to contract tracing to online education equity.


Mind-Body Course

Breath: Meditation and Breathing Techniques for Stress and Uncertainty

Experience techniques to enhance physical and emotional resilience and reconnect you with your breath, body, mind and spirit.


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