Science, Technology & Health

Houston is an international leader in advancing science, technology and health. It is home to outstanding universities, the largest medical center in the world and the headquarters of the aerospace industry. Our courses convene experts from across fields and institutions to share the latest research-based insights. From astronomy to robotics to medicine to mindfulness, learn how recent and emerging discoveries in science, technology and health affect you, our society and the world at large. 


Science, Technology and Health Lecture & Discussion Courses

We offer a diverse array of science, technology and health courses, including a number of new classes each semester. Subjects featured vary by term and may include such fields as astronomy/physics, biology, earth science, engineering, environmental science, medicine/health, nature and more. Explore the scientific discoveries of our city and world and the potential they hold to shape our lives and future.

Mind-Body Workshops & Courses

Life in the digital age is full of distractions and stress. Taking the time to tune into your mind and body is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Our supportive, interactive mind-body courses combine wisdom from ancient traditions with insights from recent scientific research. Learn how “simple, but not easy” practices like meditation and mindfulness hold the potential to enhance your physical and emotional well-being.


Interested in exploring our diverse course offerings? Consider our Midweek Medley sampler series class.