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Fall 2019 Courses

European History Since 1789: Revolution and Reaction

From the French Revolution to the fall of the Berlin Wall, examine the history and legacy of two centuries of European revolution and reaction.

The History of the Cold War

Uncover the Cold War’s causes, explore several concurrent “hot wars” and hear reflections on the Cold War’s legacy from military historian John Bradley.

The History of Houston’s Six Wards

Trace Houston’s early history and expansion through the lens of the six wards, exploring the stories of the communities that shaped Houston today.

The House of Stuart

Examine the tumultuous reign of the House of Stuart, the first rulers of the United Kingdom whose constitutional developments continue to have influence today.

Mexican Cultural and Political History: The Evolution of Modern Mexico

Explore major topics in Mexican history from pre-Columbian times through the Mexican Revolution to the promises and problems of contemporary Mexico.

Political Beginnings of the American Nation

Historian John Boles examines the beginnings of the American nation from the origins of the American Revolution to launching the new government and political parties.

Six Religions of the East

Learn about the origins, ideas and practices of Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.


Creative Writing Courses

Houston Stories: Writing and Reading About the Bayou City

Drawing inspiration from fiction, poetry and essays about Houston, craft and share your own writing about the Bayou City. With exercises, group critiques and a field trip.

Journal Writing for a Lifetime

Practice a range of journaling methods that foster self-expression and reflection with guidance from author Nancy Geyer.

Shaping Your Story

Author and editor Alexis Glynn Latner offers guidance on shaping compelling fiction or nonfiction, with discussion, in-class exercises and optional out-of-class exercises.


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