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About Us

The Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) degree program at Rice University provides a unique opportunity to be intellectually challenged at a world-class university.

Designed for those who love to learn new ideas and discuss them with others, the MLS program allows students to explore timeless and timely human questions within the humanities, social sciences and sciences. It is for adults who have a curiosity about the world – about art, literature, science, politics, human nature and history. It is for people who want to explore new worlds and who enjoy meeting others who want to join the expedition.

MLS Overview

Why Do I Need an MLS Degree?

At institutions nationwide, graduate-level liberal studies programs appeal to a broad audience. Professionals, even those who may already hold advanced or professional degrees, find that their liberal studies help them communicate more effectively, make better decisions and understand the broader context of their work. Others pursue advanced liberal studies for the sheer pleasure of learning – and to be a part of a learning community.

Rice University

The beautiful, tree-lined campus of Rice University is located in Houston, Texas -- the fourth-largest city in the U.S. Rice is consistently ranked as one of America’s best teaching and research universities.

  • Size: 3,708 undergraduates and 2,374 graduate students
  • Selectivity: 14 applicants for each place in the freshman class
  • Resources: An undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio of less than 6 to 1
  • Endowment: $783,568 per full-time equivalent student
  • Faculty: Renowned scholars and researchers who leverage approximately $100 million in annual research funding and engage undergraduate and graduate students in the creation of new knowledge and technology
  • Residential college system: 11 communities both close-knit and diverse
  • Collaborative environment: A culture that crosses disciplines, integrates teaching and research, and intermingles undergraduate and graduate work

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