Creativity & Innovation

Creativity matters now more than ever. In our rapidly changing world, we can’t fully predict the challenges ahead, what jobs will exist or the technical skills we’ll need, professionally or personally. The capacity to imagine new possibilities, to think and act creatively and to generate innovative solutions is essential for people of all ages in this era of great change. Whether you want to develop creative problem-solving skills; enhance your creativity in art, writing, music or another field; learn to think on your feet; translate your ideas into innovations; or help students reach their full creative potential, we offer a range of courses that foster creativity and innovation throughout life.

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Creativity at Work

Creative and innovative skills are ideal for professionals working in any industry who are looking for new approaches to finding solutions to complex problems.

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Creativity for Children & Parents

The Glasscock School of Continuing Studies serves as a resource for parents and their children, helping to lay a foundation of lifelong learning through specialized courses and workshops offered at Rice and around the greater Houston area.

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Personal Creativity

Creativity is the birthright of every human being. Yet, too often we view creativity as a limited resource that flourishes only in geniuses. Fortunately, there is growing recognition of “everyday creativity,” a creativity that we all possess, that can be expressed in every area of life and that we can exercise and grow as long as we are alive. Embrace and express your everyday creativity in one of our many courses.