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Support the Glasscock School

We invite you to explore how your support can enable the next 50 years of excellence in continuing education, bringing even greater impact to Houston and beyond.


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The Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies has demonstrated for 50 years how a great university and a great city can benefit and inspire each other to make substantial contributions to the quality of education and leadership in the local community. As part of our goal to serve not only our Houston community but also our global networks, we are committed to producing the next generation of lifelong learners and leaders who will make an impact in their schools, nonprofit organizations and communities.

To learn more about how you can impact lifelong learning and program development in the Glasscock School, please contact Emily Schreiber at 713-348-3254 or eschreiber@rice.edu.

A teacher interacts with young children in a classroom setting.High-quality early literacy education is key to long-term student success across demographics and socio-economic situations. With its leadership in teacher training for learners of all backgrounds, the Glasscock School, through the School Literacy and Culture and Teacher Education programs, is in a singular position to address gaps in early childhood education in the greater Houston community. Increased investment in the range of programs that will address this pressing need will prepare more Houston teachers and school leaders with the hands-on training and research-based knowledge to build stronger solutions for children at this critical first stage of their education.

Philanthropic priorities

  • Supporting scholarships for teachers in the community: Teacher training is at the heart of early childhood education, and when teachers gain access to Glasscock School programs, the impact spreads to the students they teach, the schools where they work and the decisions they inform. The Vivian Paley Scholarship Fund through the School Literacy and Culture program provides teachers with partial or full scholarships to participate in day, week, or yearlong programs, the cost of which can often stretch already-limited school budgets.
  • Leading in dual-language learning: the Glasscock School aspires to develop additional programming, assessment and research protocols to become leaders in dual-language learning, to meet the need arising as rapidly changing demographics shape Houston’s future.
  • Expanding training in English-language learning through OWL Lab: the Rice Oral & Written Language Laboratory (OWL Lab) has proven effective in training teachers to teach English language learners and other children with limited oral language development. Replicating this program in diverse educational settings across the greater Houston area will expand access to high quality early literacy education to additional underserved populations. Extensive human capital is needed to provide coaching and mentoring to campus teachers who are working to replicate the lab model and to ensure replication is achieved with fidelity to the research-based model.

To learn more about how your support can impact the Glasscock School, contact Emily Schreiber at 713-348-3254 or eschreiber@rice.edu.

A smiling woman wearing glasses discusses a project with a colleague.Nonprofit organizations increasingly fill the gaps in societal needs that federal and local government lack the capacity or political will to provide, from education to social services, to the arts and healthcare. To meet our communities’ needs, in Houston and across the country and world, we must prepare the professionals and volunteers dedicated to making a difference in this sector with the skills, training and tools to navigate a complex universe of challenges.

Through the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership (CPNL), the Glasscock School specializes in high-quality preparation for nonprofit leaders of every experience level and impact area, from executive and volunteer leadership to fundraising and financial operations professionals. In almost thirty years of offering classes at Rice, the Glasscock School has served hundreds of organizations and trained nonprofit leaders in Houston and around the world. Today, the Center is poised to strengthen its most impactful programs and provide lasting support for the next generation of difference-makers.

Philanthropic priorities

  • Expanding scholarships for the Leadership Institute for Nonprofit Executives: the Leadership Institute for Nonprofit Executives focuses coursework and coaching on the development of emerging and existing nonprofit executives to effectively lead their organizations. Yet, many small organizations are not able to cover the cost of the program within their limited budget, excluding a critical group of nonprofit leaders. With expanded scholarship support, the Glasscock School can open this powerful program to even more executive-level nonprofit leaders who will put the skills and expertise they gain to work bettering their communities.
  • Creating an endowment of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership: endowed funding for the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership provides lasting, sustained support for the core of the enterprise. This sustained support, in turn, creates more financial flexibility for the Center to enhance and expand the innovative programs, courses and coaching that have the most impact for nonprofit leaders.

To learn more about how your support can impact the Glasscock School, contact Emily Schreiber at 713-348-3254 or eschreiber@rice.edu.

View of young graduates in dark blue caps and gownsHighly trained, highly effective teachers are critical to elevating K–12 education and raising the bar for student success at every level. The Glasscock School, through its offerings in Teacher Education and the Center for College Readiness, leverages strong community connections, experience, and research-driven instruction to offer dynamic training for teachers who strive for excellence in teaching and preparing students for the future.

Philanthropic priorities

  • Growing graduate student fellowships: the increased ability to offer full and partial tuition scholarships to graduate students will enable the Glasscock School to attract the very best aspiring teachers from across the country, and then train them and place them in Houston area public schools. These emerging teachers will have strong content backgrounds and the ability to work with diverse student populations and to inspire and enhance much-needed STEM education.
  • Expanding mentorship for new teachers: research verifies a key element for teacher success and retention: long term, structured mentorship for early career teachers. The Teacher Education Program aspires to add an additional year to its current support model for clinical teachers, allowing more time to strengthen and develop skills with formal and informal observations and continued professional development. With this greater source of structured support, the Glasscock School can ensure that this program is a national leader in teacher preparation.
  • Creating an endowment for the Center for College Readiness (CCR): CCR programming is designed to enable students, particularly those in underserved populations, to be academically prepared for the rigors of college work and the demands of the college admissions process. Endowment funds will assist the enhanced development of college access counseling programs for educators and will generate tuition scholarships for a diverse group of secondary students to attend enrichment opportunities focused on post-secondary access, transition, persistence, and completion.

To learn more about how your support can impact the Glasscock School, contact Emily Schreiber at 713-348-3254 or eschreiber@rice.edu.

Dean Mary McIntireThe Continuing Scholars Endowment Honoring Mary McIntire promotes excellence and opportunity for students in all of the programs housed in the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies. The Endowment will increase accessibility to both credit and non-credit classes by providing tuition assistance, educational materials, and more, all contributing to a more available educational experience.

The funds will be distributed each year by the dean and are meant to be flexible to accommodate for changing needs. As the first all-school student fund in the Glasscock School’s fifty year history, the Endowment embodies Dean Mary McIntire’s longtime aim of opening the school to all who wish to enroll—and she has made it her priority to fund it to the greatest extent so it may benefit as many students as possible.

Supporting Dean McIntire’s initiative honors her leadership and vision for the Glasscock School by encouraging the non-traditional students about whom she is so passionate.

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Mary McIntire retired from her position as the first dean of the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies after 31 years in June 2017. She joined the then Office of Continuing Studies in the mid-1970s as a program director before being named director and then Rice’s first female academic dean in 1986.

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